For spreading awareness and initiative of reforms in current education methodology as well as study process with new vistas in field of brain science in order to remove pressure of studies and exams, and to rescue the students from committing suicidal attempts. Now a days, students seem to be under the tremendous pressure of studying and education competition, and Most Part of Time of students being drained out preparation of scoring marks. Suicide count is also in creasing. Being concerned, This project aims to empower students making study enjoyable and reducing the study time, and to have brain skilled on multiple skills and intelligence . Mission of the project is caching centers free India, because students Most Part of Time is consumed in studies in coaching centers and specifically in revisions to memorize. It’s superlative program ‘ENCYLOMONICA’ trains students on mnemonic (memorization skills), reducing the revisions time, general knowledge, general studies, general awareness and multiple skills to make study easy and enjoyable.

Brain science faculty and memory expert MR. VINOD SHARMA with Rajneesh Suwalka, Rhaul Jain, Ritu Jain and Megha Mathur Sharma.
Rajnish Suwalka, a dynamic chartered accountant and well know financial consultant. He is a financial consultant to more than 15 School, Colleges and MBA institutes and understands educational problems very well His vision is to make education stress free and self dependent. Kalpana suwalka, has served central bank for more than 20 years and after taking VRS now keen interested to work in field of education and believes in limited but quality hours to study of kids. Rahul Jain, is an MBA and young Businessman into various fields, he joined hands to make study more interesting and stress free. Ritu Jain, is socially active female and working at many social plat forms, specially related to women and kids. Megah Mathur Sharma has rich corporate experience in administration and management. Whole Barinywood is blessed by our great source of encouragement and inspiration. Shree Mahaveer Choudhary.

The Brainywood Family has taken oath and striving hard to give quality training and purposeful education to students for a blissful career Every family member of Brainywood is competent and adept enough to drive the mission towards success.