About the Organization

World Innovative Brain Sciences Pvt. Ltd., popularly known as WIBS is a Guinness World Record holder’s organization engaged in research & development in the field of innovative learning. WIBS is striving to provide medicine-free health for all, guaranteed career skills for youth and stress-free education for children through training. It is the organization dedicated entirely to the concept of being Healthy, Wealthy & Wise through innovative training programs.

WIBS offers comprehensive training, learning & earning solutions for the welfare & wellbeing of the entire family, the society and the country as a whole. Our research & training programs have already benefited more than 10 lac families and over 25 lac audience. The organization has a country-wide presence through its diversified distribution model featuring and supported by the country's leading consultants dedicated to making the society robust and effective.

As an organization, WIBS is focused on delivering excellence to customers through consultancy based business process, customer centric approach to business, financial stability of the family and strong human capital for the future of the country.

In line with its vision to contribute towards creating a Happier & Healthier Planet, WIBS has positioned itself on the quality platform. It has developed a strong corporate governance model based on the core values of caring, credibility, collaboration and excellence.

Chief Executive Officer & Brain Science HeadMr. VINOD SHARMA


Health, Wealth & Wisdom through training...

People know the importance of being Healthy, Wealthy & Wise but they don’t know how to achieve it. They are not trained on it and are devoid of Permanent Happiness. WIBS provides training to all people enabling them to remain Healthy, Wealthy & Wise with Happiness and lead life to its fullest.


Medicine free health especially for those who are already suffering and dependent on medicines; Permanent and growing wealth, especially for those who are struggling for it; Enjoyable yet Progressive education especially for the future of our nation i.e. our children.

WIBS focuses on inculcating and understanding of Work-Life Balance of 8 + 8 + 8 for every human being for holistic happiness. We must know that health, wealth and wisdom are the three essential fundamentals of a Holistic Happiness.

WIBS, with its state of the art comprehensive offerings in education, caters to wider segment of Students, Businesses as well as Educational Institutions.

Our services will help not only students, but it will provide a tremendous business and career opportunity to those looking to enter into $ 15 Billion Indian Education Industry.